RCCPC distributes shoes and school supplies to Mangabon Elem. School

RC Cebu Port Center and RC Oita Minami of Japan went to Mangabon Elementary School last February 12, 2019. The school is 47 kilometers from Cebu City , and the farthest in the Cebu City mountains. They trudged just to distribute 400 pairs of shoes and 500 sets of school supplies to the farmers families. Service entails sacrifices in a rocking form of hardships and taxing your time, talents and resources. Unknowingly, in every handle of service, it is testing of character of how situations be rendered with simple smile and hearty gesture. In doing missions for remote areas/mountain barangays of Cebu City with all the risks and dangers by RCCPC and RC Oita Minami of Japan. Rotary works really inspiring !




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