RCCPC- Donates School Supplies

April 5, 2019 RCCPC- Donations of school supplies to all High School students in Tambongon, San Remegio, Cebu.  

RCCPC- Coastal Clean up with 10 Fishermen

April 5, 2019 RC Cebu Port Centre led the coastal cleanup of San Remegio Cebu with the leaders of Fishermen Association benefiting the 5000 people population of San Remegio Cebu last April 5, 2019 with Tony Antonio Antonio-Gloria Ynoc Foundation….  

RCCPC- Congratulations! K12 Graduates

April 5, 2019 RC Cebu Port Centre with RC Oita Minami Japan traveled more than 100kms from Cebu City to donate Ba backpacks, Bible and New SHOES… to the graduate students of Tambongon High School in cooperation with Antonio D. … Read More →

RCCPC-Recognition Day @ Lawaan Elementary School

April 3, 2019 – “Recognition Day” RC Cebu Port Centre donated water pumps and water drilling works at Lawaan Elementary School at Talisay City, Cebu that would benefit 1,700 students.  

RCCPC: Dinner with the Governors and Guests

March 21, 2019 A dinner with the Governors and Guests at Tsay Tseng Restaurant with PDG Bruce Allen of RI Australia and Miss Gretchen Laurel.

RCCPC: Water drilling and Supply

March 21, 2019 RC Cebu Port Centre project of Water drilling and Supply of Tejero Elementary School benefited more than 3,000 students every year. We drilled water and supplied tanks together with the Japanese Sister Clubs as witnessed by PDG … Read More →

RCCPC: Altenative Learning School Building

March 21, 2019 RC Cebu Port Centre Alternative Learning School Building and Classroom for the past 12 years helped 2800 out of school youth and employed 70 percent of them. PDG Bruce Allen of RI and Chair Gretchen Laurel with DG Benjamin Garcia and … Read More →

RCCPC: Philippine Dental Association

March 21, 2019 RC Cebu Port Centre welcomes PDG Bruce Allen, Manager Intenational Office and Foundation and Miss Gretchen Laurel Fundraising Devt Specialist at our Rotary Donated Building at Tejero, Cebu City where we showed our Daily Dental Projects together with Philippine … Read More →

Rotary held weeks Sports Tournament

February 19, 2019 Rotary Club Cebu Port Center is having a Rotary Weeks Tournament held at SM City Bowling Center. The Inter-Bowling tournament was participated with the active members of the said club. Capt. Rodien E. Paca, the President of … Read More →

RCCPC and RC Oita turn over Water System projects of Two Public Schools

Rotary Club Cebu Port Center and Rotary Club Oita Minami of Japan turned over Water System Projects for two Public Schools in Cebu, Philppines.