RCCPC Christmas Party Red Team

Dec 10, 2018 the red team was the first to perform with members: ALCIBAR, Al and Sp. Gene, BANTILAN, Roland, CONDAT, Ariel, DELATOR, Chilo and Sp. Helen, ENRIQUEZ, Ike and  Sp. Hazel, JAMERO, Boy and Sp. Anne, SABAY, Rey, TAN, … Read More →

RCCPC Christmas Party Green Team

Dec 10, 2018 Green Team was composed by: BARQUILLA, Robert, CEPEDA, Anthony and GF Angela, DALEON, Kit and Sp. Maritchel, HONG, George and Sp. Jojo, LOCSON, Ted and Sp. Virgie, PAGATPAT, Philip Jun TIU, Samson, VALER, Joel and Sp Tessie … Read More →

RCCPC Christmas Party Yellow Team

Dec 10, 2018 RCCPC was composed of 4 teams, 1 is yellow team: ASOY, Felix  and Sp Janet, DE LOS SANTOS, LESTER, FLORENDO, Antonio and Sp Lili, KOIKE, Masao and Sp Rosana, MEGURO, Kenny,  PACA, RODIEN and Sp Edelyn, TOLEDO, … Read More →

RCCPC Christmas Party 2018

Dec 10, 2018 RCCPC gathers to celebrate Christmas together with their respective family. The event was filled with fun and enjoyment for the different presentations and games prepared.

3rd Search for Top 10 Most Outstanding Traffic Enforcer in Cebu City

Dec 7, 2018 The Rotary Club of Cebu Port Centre together woth the Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO), CITOM, Cebu insurer’s Club Inc, UAP  launches the search for Top 10 Most Outstanding Traffic Enforcer in Cebu City.