President’s Message September 26

Good evening fellow Rotarians.

I would like to thank everyone who attended a very successful District Governor’s Visit last week. I would take this opportunity to make special mention of those who did their parts in the presentations; Secretary Rodien and his staff, Treasurer: Larry, Directors: Jeff, Armand, Kit, Daryl, and John. You made this club very proud. We will all be even prouder once these projects are completed.

Rotaplast is upon us. We have 2 weeks to the start of the Mission. We had a coordination meeting with the Officials of Adventist/Miller Hospital last Friday and everything is almost finalized on that end. There is one last coordination meeting on October 3 at 9:30 am. I enjoin all Officers and Directors to attend.

I am asking that all Rotarians set their schedules already for the Mission weeks. Many of us are busy but we have to set aside our time for our responsibilities for those days. So please take note of your schedules and please involve your spouse/partners and even your children. Anticipate any individual problems you may have (parking, driving for your kids, etc) and make adjustments this early.

I will be asking Treasurer Larry to give a report on the current status of the Solicitations. This is the lifeblood of this Mission. I request all of us do our best to reach our goal of P1M by trying to find donors or donating P10,000 each, ourselves. We are all blessed and when we give we will even be more blessed.

I would like to be able to meet all Committee heads this week for an update of the status of their Committees. If possible please keep your Thursday and Friday afternoons open. I will be calling you tomorrow to schedule the meetings.

I met with our Rotaract Club over the weekend. They have a big year ahead of them as well. I will be asking them to present their plan soon. I am truly impressed with what they are setting out to do and hope we can support them.

We had the 3rd week of our feeding at Tejero Elementary School last Friday. I thank those who were present but I want all of our members to be able to see and participate as well. Once Rotaplast is over maybe we can form groups of Rotarians and Spouses then set schedules to go.

We have a long month ahead of us. I hope we all live up to the duties and responsibilities expected of us as members of the Rotary Club of Cebu Port Center.


President TobyFlorendo

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