July 25 – Secretary Report


July 25, 2016 – Cebu City

Good day Fellow Rotarians.

Thanks for all your support in our activities. I have few items to announce and discuss today:

  1. RCCPC Web Page – we are giving access and page to our ROTARACT CLUB of CEBU PORT CENTRE. They have done greatly for the past few years and these achievements must be recorded in history. We have also added more categories in our web page and minutes of meeting are posted online for members who were not able to attend last meeting will be able to see the discussions online.
  2. PORTSIDE Publications – we have to finalize the list of sponsors this month because we have to print the shiny thick hard cover of each. Please also note that each copy of the shiny cover cost us P 80.00 per sheet and we cannot afford to make mistake.
  3. Payments and accounting – It is only few days left before July 31 and we have to make our payments already to the Rotary International. We are giving now statement of accounts and we have to settle this as soon as possible in less than a week. Since we have not receive yet the formal accounting turnover from the previous administration, we are now in tight situations to ask the payments from your side.
  4. Advance Payments – Back Dues and receivables must be discussed today. This is our Club money sent RI and the more we have back dues, the more advances we are giving to the members.

Thanks and God Bless.

Secretary Rodien Paca

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