July 25 – President’s Message


Good evening fellow Rotarians.

This is the fourth week of the Rotary year 2016-2017.

This is our first General Assembly for this Rotary Year.

Our Treasurer will be presenting a financial report on what finances we raised during the Induction and Portside fund raising. This will be our seed money for the Rotary Year moving forward.

Today we will also be presenting several ideas that we have been discussing as a Board that will improve our Rotary Club. The details of these ideas and proposals will be further discussed at each and every meeting moving forward.

I hope as members we will be open and understanding of them as they are being formulated with the long-term benefit of our club in mind.

We would appreciate if the body will think over the proposals and be involved in the discussions as we present them in the next few weeks.


Thank you.

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