Governor’s Visit Minutes of Meeting



 September 19, 2016

Board Meeting started at 6:45 PM with  members were present and 7 District Officers.


Pres. Toby called the meeting to order.

The Pres. welcomes the District Visitors for tonight headed by District Governor Me’Anne Solomon and her team

It was then followed by submission of Club Reports and hard copy Project Presentation by the Club initiated by the President.

Sec. Paca started rolling the ball, by calling each presenter of the night which would discussed the club activities for R.Y. 2016-2017.

First, Rotaplast Mission presented by Dir. Jeff Tan with video documentation of PDG Anton. Second, Feeding Program at Tejero Elem School presented by Dir. Daryll Abay-Abay, questions was raised by the Governor regarding the feeding details and been addressed by the Pres Toby. Third, Ynoc Foundation, which was discussed by Sec Rodien Paca and followed by the Rotary Website Presentations and other projects that the club conducted. Fourth, Public Relations, Dir Jeff Tan discussed different social engagements of RCCPC. Next was the Water Drilling and Rehabilitation Systems discussed by Tres. Larry, a joint project with other sister club. Sixth was the Anapog Proposal presented by Dir Armand.

The presentations ended by Sec Paca elaborating that the Club encourages their youngster members to present and get involved with the club whereabouts.

Dinner was served before the start of Regular Meeting at 7:30 PM


Regular Meeting started at 7:40 PM with 34 Rotarians, 7 spouses, 6 District Officers and 3 guests were present during the event.


The club meeting started as the Rotarians, Visitors and Guests sang the Rotary Hymn.


District Governor’s/District Officers Time


Gov. Me’Ann elaborated the presentations of the Rotarians which The Rotaplast Mission was highlighted to be the club Signature Project for the past years. Thanking those who support the District projects End Polio, Bloodletting and Rotary donations of USD 5,900 to the district. The Governor would like the Club to be updated with regards to attendance, contributions and other activities that connects the district and RCCPC.


DDGA- Visayas Barbette, role was to collect, monitor and report to the district Governor such as attendance and projects of each Rotary Club. RCCPC was recognized for being so prompt in submission of all reports, special mention Sec. Paca and Pres Toby who’s working hard to meet the needs of the club.


DDGO Wilton, discussed upcoming district events which were the Area Coordination Meeting, Governors’ Night (Nov. 19, 2016) summer Fellowship in Siargao, Distrcit Synchronize Project and district 3860 Mangrove planting.


ADDGO Felix, elaborated Int’l Peace Day, support for the United Nations and Advocates for Living Values Education (ALIVE) and Breast Cancer Awareness. He also mentioned about the Paul Harris Donations of the RCCPC. Ed Go USD 1,000, PP George Hong USD 1,000, PP Benjie USD 1,000, PP Koike USD 2,000, CECV Tony USD 1,000, PDG Anton USD 1, 000 and Pres Toby USD 1,000 confirmed contributors for Paul Harris.


District Secretary Lilu, mentioned Pres Toby’s commitments to the District Gov as what stated on the challenges, plans and goals which the Club really addressed and able to met.


Lastly, the Gov ends her speech by thanking RCCPC for the hospitality and warm welcome to the District Officers being the 50th Club for this R.Y. 2016-2017 and looking forward to a better and fruitful service to humanity.



Secretary’s Time


Sec. Rodien Paca read his secretary’s message as he welcomes the District Visitors and been grateful of the visit to the RCCPC. Mentioned about the ID system that was implemented and will continue to put improvement and later on to the spouses also. Sec Paca also emphasize the Myrotary website that the club would really be eager to support and developed it.


President’s Corner


Pres Toby mentioned that his message was on the bulletin and proceeds on thanking the visitors and being a help the Club mission. He turnover the report of  Plans and Goals of the club to the district officers.


First, reminded the solicitations and donations of the Club for the Rotaplast Mission.


Secondly, reminded the committee in charge every day for the preparation for Rotaplast Mission to have coordination and set up plans if needed.


Two meeting in relation to Rotaplast will be held, 888 Forum around 9am  the club was given  to 10 minutes to present about Rotaplast and Meeting with the Miller Hospital on Thursday.


Meeting was adjourned 9:15 o’clock in the evening.



  1. Daryll Abay Abay
  2. Akol Benjamin
  3. Alampay, Tim
  4. Bantillan, Aldrin
  5. Bantillan, Roland
  6. Daleon, Kit
  7. Delos Santos, Lester
  8. Delator, Chilo
  9. Falcon, Jun
  10. Florendo, Anton
  11. Florendo, Toby
  12. Go, Edward
  13. Guangko, Armand
  14. Hong, George
  15. Ismael, Dave
  16. Koike, Marcy
  17. Lelina, Larry
  18. Locson, Ted
  19. Mahtani, Prakash
  20. Osawa, Naoya
  21. Paca, Rodien
  22. Racho, Jensen
  23. Sabay, Rey
  24. Sulay, John
  25. Takeda, Atsushi
  26. Tan, Jeff
  27. Tiu, Sam
  28. Unabia, Boy
  29. Valer, Joel
  30. Ynoc, Tony



  1. Bantillan Armie
  2. Tan, Philip
  3. Alinu, Lilu
  4. Labang, Minnie
  5. Herrero, eljohn
  6. Asoy, Felix
  7. Uykingtian, Wilton
  8. Hong, Jojo
  9. Ynoc, Gloria
  10. Lominoque, Barbette
  11. Locson, Virgie
  12. Florendo, Yvonne
  13. Mahtani, Renu
  14. Solomon, Me’Anne

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