Presidential Message (Aug 1)


Good evening.

I would like to thank all Rotarians who attended our General Assembly last week.

Today we will be addressing 2 very important issues.

First, the increase in our dues.

Our current dues are one of the lowest in Cebu, if we want to be able to grow our club we have to be willing to make sacrifices.

The second topic is the project with the Rotary Club of Oita Minami. They want to do a project with is using their grant available. The amount will be in the area of US$30,000. We will be listening to different proposals, if there are any. We will also ask Pp Tony Ynoc to present his.

We would ask request Pp Tony to do a small report on the medical mission performed in San Remigio the other week.

Lastly the bio data of our 2 prospective members have been circulated. If there are no issues to be clarified we will schedule their Rotary Information this week so we can induct them into our club.

Thank you and God bless.



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