WEEK 33 – President’s Message

Good Evening.

Welcome to our 5th to the last meeting before we start the next Rotary Year. We are all excited for 2 upcoming major events. Our Charter Anniversary on June 6 and the Induction of the next set of officers on June 26.

Today we had the Brigada Eskwela launching at Tejero Elementary School. The Secretary of Education visited our newly refurbished ALS building. We also spent another P10,000 for the snacks and nice shirts of the students enrolled in our ALS.

The DISTAS is coming up. I am sure our delegation is in the capable hands of PE Sam. Safe travels to all. In connection with the DISTAS we are allowed to have one elector. I will be asking PE Sam to make arrangements. The deadline is before the DISTAS.

The District called me up last week. They informed they had extra funds. They decided that they will donate the cost of 1 house to Gawad Kalinga in the name of the Rotary Club of Cebu Port Center. We are figuring out the details.

We have also been asked by the CPA through our PN Rodien to participate as judges in the program. We have gladly accepted. I will let PN Rodien handle the details.

I will apologize in advance. I will be absent the next 2 meetings. I am confident VP Roland will ably run the meetings while I am away.

Thank you.

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