The First Rotaract Sisterhood Conference

Out from a casual talk, a brilliant idea from PP Deo Guden and Prince Gaudan came.  They came up with an idea to have a sisterhood Conference.  The activities of this conference includes: Renewal of the 4th Sisterhood Agreement; Rotaract Orientation; Joint Project; and Fellowship.  This event aims to strengthen the bond among two clubs in conducting a joint project and sharing of experiences in Rotaract.  It is a three-day event (July 2-4, 2016) where in on the first day, the Rotaract Club of Cebu Port Center hosted the R.E.S.E.T. Project for the new members of Rotaract Club of Panglao Island.   R.E.S.E.T. Project aims to strengthen the commitment of the members by providing a Rotaract Orientation to the Rotaractors of Panglao Island since majority of them is new members.  Then it was followed by the Signing of the Sisterhood Agreement.  It was the fourth renewal of sisterhood agreement and RAC Cebu Port.  Thank you for trusting us.


The second day was the day for the joint projects namely Operation BEACH BASURA and BUKAS AKLAT.  It was held at the beautiful island of Balikasag in Panglao, Bohol.  The Operation Beach Basura was a coastal clean up project where the Rotaractors and other volunteers from both clubs picked up pieces of wastes at the sea shore of Balikasag Island.


The garbage of the area we gathered includes empty bottles, plastics, tin cans, empty food wrappers and many other non-biodegradable trashes.  We showed the kids the importance of cleanliness of the area.  The Rotaractors also gave short reminders about the kids information to the community especially the kids on guarding their beautiful island from people/tourists who throw their garbage anywhere. We were also able to educate the children to keep their surroundings clean and green.  We asked the young children to help in  looking after their place tourist people .

BUKAS AKLAT PROJECT, aims to provide literacy and education to children through book reading.  Professional Teachers took over in reading a book for a student.  After the book reading, the Rotaractors then prepared the school supplies and books for donation.   Prior to the distribution of snacks for the kids, the kids were given some food to eat.


The whole day project was participated by 12 Rotaractors from RAC Cebu Port Centre-Community Based and 11 from RAC Panglao Island.  The ended with a fulfilled heart of service and happy faces from the kids of Balikasag Island of Panglao.

“Many hands make light work.” John Heywood.  As the saying goes, indeed Many Hands make light work because we help each other. 

Thank you Rotaract Club of Panglao for the warm accommodation and bonded friendships!


Written by:
Minnie Cherryl Labang
IPP, RY 2015-2016

Categories: Community, Rotaract

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